Participate in Events

Before the server is opened, everyone has the opportunity to take part in interesting promotions. By not spending a lot of time, you can not only receive interesting and valuable prizes, but also help with advertising our server. You can choose any event convenient for you, be it a repost Facebook, Skype mailing or mailing servers.

What's waiting for you

We are waiting for a fascinating server with personal modifications that you will not see anywhere else. The experienced development team made every effort to make your gameplay unforgettable. A thoughtful economy, a customized balance of characters and monsters, many events, all this will confirm that this server has the right to be called the best!


Tell me, how long have you been in search of? How many days, months, and maybe years?How much time did you spend to find really high quality and serious Mu Online project, where you will be able to show their Strenght and have a great time, not thinking about the problems?


Spots and Seeds


Good day, dear players, it has been more than a month since the launch of x100, many players have long asked to add to the range of sales seeds and personal spots that would quickly catch up with the tops!

From today there is this opportunity.

For purchase of ready-made seed and personal spots, you can contact:

Skype: live:eledis2019   | Email: eledis2019@gmail.comPM Forum

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Bonus Donation


Dear players, we are glad to inform you that there is a bonus donation which happens once a month!

This bonus applies to donations from PayPal, Interkassa.

The bonus is valid in the amount of 50% of purchased credits.

You buy credits, within 12 hours for you will be added + 50% of credits.

This promotion is valid until July14 inclusive!

Enjoy all the game!

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First Castle Siege


Dear players are happy to congratulate you on the end of the first week from the start of our server and the winners of the first siege.

As promised after the first siege, the purchase of Eledis Coins will be available (clickable)
The site now has the opportunity to purchase VIP status, what it gives (more)
Cash Shop is also available, where you can buy sets,weapons, pets and other.

To work Cash Shop worth reenter game.

Have a great weekend and victory!

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