Participate in Events

Before the server is opened, everyone has the opportunity to take part in interesting promotions. By not spending a lot of time, you can not only receive interesting and valuable prizes, but also help with advertising our server. You can choose any event convenient for you, be it a repost Facebook, Skype mailing or mailing servers.

What's waiting for you

We are waiting for a fascinating server with personal modifications that you will not see anywhere else. The experienced development team made every effort to make your gameplay unforgettable. A thoughtful economy, a customized balance of characters and monsters, many events, all this will confirm that this server has the right to be called the best!


Tell me, how long have you been in search of? How many days, months, and maybe years?How much time did you spend to find really high quality and serious Mu Online project, where you will be able to show their Strenght and have a great time, not thinking about the problems?


Update 0.5


Dear players, we are pleased to announce the latest changes on our server:

  • Fixed task 75 in the quest system.
  • Increased x2 drop Archangel's Hammer.
  • Increased x2 drop Steel of Heaven.
  • Added Pets for 7d for Bonus (P).
  • Block on the sale, transfer Hearts.
  • Corrected Senior Mix.
  • Replaced the design of the 4 wings of the BK.
  • Added Maes Morning Star on sale for Grand (C).

We will try and continue to please you with updates and new additions.

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First Castle Siege


Congratulations to HeaDShot on winning the first siege

All new players of our server who will come to our server will be automatically issued 5rr, 3.000 Stats and VIP Gold for 3d.

We are also happy to announce that there is a Cash Shop available, in which you can purchase various kinds of item for Eledis C which can

purchase in your account on the site. Great weekend to everyone!

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Update 0.4


Good day, dear players. We are glad to inform you about not big changes and fixes:

  • Added Blood Castle NPC and Devil Square NPC in the safe zone.Arkania.
  • Removed from all the characters of SD Potions that were purchased at the start.
  • Corrected characteristics and their display in 4 wings.
  • Added SSL encryption for a site that will protect your personal data.
  • We strengthened the protection from AntiDOSS. (We moved to one of the best hosting site).
  • Changed the PVM characters, the final test result can be seen below.


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Update 0.3


Added a new not a big update, we also inform you that Guild Bank will be added soon.

Tomorrow all characters in PVM will be checked and video available for everyone will be recorded.


  • Added 50 new quests (more).
  • Fixed making "Eledis Tattoo".
  • Changed the appearance cordinat of Premium, Skeleton to random.
  • Increased the percentage of dropping items from Maya Hands and NightMare.

Regards, the administration of the project Eledis Mu.

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Currently this is only one server.